Model – DP-25/30
Capacity: 2500/3000 kg

  • Easy to operate
  • Silent in operation
  • Requires minimum pulling power
  • No oil leakage
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Maximum manoeuvrability


DILIP uses single piece bent forks for extra strength. Hand lowering is the key to productivity. Pull the convenient lever in the DP-25/30 large steering handle and effortlessly deposit the load. The special handle design offers protection for the operator’s handle and makes raising loads and steering easier.

Release the handle and it returns to vertical. A few strokes of the handle provide 110mm of lift, the DP-25/30 heavy duty pump is built to take thousands of pick-up and deposit cycles. The pump ‘top-of-stroke’ hydraulic fluid bypass minimises stress on the system when load is raised to maximum lift height.

DILIP offers pivoting steering wheels

  • To ensure constant floor contact and stability
  • To reduce wear and tear on the wheels

DILIP offers an ergonomically designed steering handle

  • For easy operation from all angles ergonomically.
  • To reduce pulling power and minimize operation fatigue.

DILIP offers double sealed ball bearing to ensure dust free operation
Hydraulic system

  • The manually operated lift pump is simple and reliable in operation. The hard chrome polished piston are resistant to rust, scratches and strokes. The pump is double sealed witch secures efficiently against leakages and prolongs the life of the packing
  • The lift cylinders is welded directly on to the pump, and the oil reservoir is welded around the lift cylinder. This imparts efficient tightness and eliminates tube and hose connections.
  • The hand pallet truck is equipped with a >> neutral position valve<< as standard. When the drawbar is moved slowly, the neutral position ensures that the load is not lifted (Driving position). When the drawbar is moved a little faster, the load is lifted the usual way (lifting function).
  • The system is simple, needs no adjustment and is reliable in operation.


Load Capacity : 2500/ 3000 kg.
Lift : 9mm / Stroke
Lower Speed : Continuosly variable
Weight : 70-80 kg

Special requirements such as…

Paper rolls, High unstable loads, Special fork lengths & widths Galvanised & Stainless steel versions are also provided